Saturday, August 18, 2012

DDOS Vs Fanatic.Raidcall

What a game so far.. DDOS dropping top raxes at the 20 min mark, but [FNTC]Era with his Magebane is just farming like crazy..

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Well even tough era is on the 350 gpm it is over, DDOS just got bot raxes. Awesome warding job by [DDOS]getviolator. When you ally proper offensive warding with Nynfora's ultimate you simply dominate the game.

GG's dropped at 22 minute, great aggressive plays by DDOS. And those wondering how do you win Vs [FNTC]Era on Magebane, well that is how, aggressive pushing team.

DDOS 1 Vs Fanatic.RaidCall 0

It is a best of 3 so stay tuned to the HonCast ;)

And 2 - 0 for DDOS, Fanatic.RaidCall just gave up on that second game, it is sad so see a Rage Quit at this Level.. [FNTC]Notail, shame on you..

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